So my walls had issues.

Things there were of two kinds. There was the wallpaper, photos/artwork I had once been jazzed about but which had long gone stale. Then there was the void, large stretches of wall that had remained remarkably, strikingly bare.

Thing is, I had photos. Lots of them. More than one person should. And of course there were lots more being shared around the Internet.

Static and bare walls. A world of photos. The disconnect began to seem silly.

So I set to work on this here.

It’s a simple idea. A sleek photo holder that can be refreshed in an instant. The conceptual tweak’s the thing though. Making the jump from wall photos as permanent fixtures to wall photos more like a photo stream opens it up and makes things fun again.

Standard photo frames worked decent enough in the days of film when there just weren't as many photos around. In this era of photographic excess, Thumbtiles may be just the thing.

Thanks for checking in. If I can help with questions, let me know: steven@thumbtiles.com.